Spine Panchakarma

Dr. Mande’s Ayurvedic centre in Vashi is the best place to get treated for spine disorders along with other health issues. Dr Mande is an experienced ayurvedic consultant with more than 10 years of experience in ayurvedic treatment including spine care. Most of his patients with spine disorders have recovered well without undergoing the suggested spine surgery. 


Ever since human beings have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, they complain of back & neck pain and spine disorders. Similarly, increased and stressful travel to work and work patterns have reduced healthy physical exercise and activity, leading to increased back pain and spine disorders.


The primary reasons for back disorders being:

  • Incorrect posture and body movements especially, during sitting, sleeping and working too.
  • Jerks during travel due to bad conditions of roads and/or vehicles
  • Consumption of heavy and hard to digest meals, rich meals using refined ingredients
  • Deposition of fat around the midriff i.e. middle section of the stomach
  • Irregular sleep and food patterns
  • Wrong sleeping postures especially on extra soft mattresses which do not provide adequate support


Common disorders or Issues of the Spine

  • Disc prolapses
  • Spondylitis
  • Spondylosis through swellings,
  • Cysts and lumps
  • Back pain
  • Immobility of the spine
  • Inflammation and unbearable pain
  • Slipped disc


Ayurveda and its Diagnosis of Spine disorders


Imbalance in VATA dosh is the main reason for spine issues and pain as per Ayurveda.  

As per Ayurveda, Kati shoola refers to low back pain, and it occurs due to Vata. Symptoms related to Vata dosha prevail all over the body. Spine panchakarma is the most preferred treatment to resolve this issue. The combination of various detoxification processes depends upon the extent of dosha imbalance in the patient's body.


Generally, a single panchakarma treatment can last up to 3 – 6 weeks along with ayurvedic medicines, diet restrictions, and detoxification processes.


Spine Panchakarma

Spine Panchakarma is a specially formulated detoxification process based on Ayurveda. The focus is to balance the three doshas in the human body which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha to heal spine disorders and issues.

Panchakarma is a combination of two words viz. 'Pancha' which means 'five' and 'karma' which means 'process'. A patient undergoing panchakarma is treated with a combination of any or all five processes of detoxification which are -


Vamana – Vamana refers to vomiting. The patient is made to vomit under medical supervision. This procedure works on the Kapha dosha. Patients suffering from congestion in the lungs, bronchitis, and skin disorders especially psoriasis, eczema, etc, are advised to undergo Vamana.


Virechanam – Purgation refers to the cleansing of the intestines. The patient is given therapeutic purgation of laxatives for removing the toxic matter from the intestines. Patients suffering from hemorrhoids, jaundice, and other liver disorders are prescribed virechanam. 


Aasthaapana/Niruham - Enema refers to an herbal concoction for correction of Vata dosha and is administered through the patient's rectum. The herbal concoction is known as 'qawath' or Kashaya vasti. Patients suffering from back pain, sciatica, kidney stones, constipation and joint pain have to undergo asthaapana. 


Nasyam - Nasyam involves the administration of medicated oil through the nostrils. It helps to remove the accumulated mucus in sinus, head, nose, and throat. After oil administration, the patient's neck, shoulders, nose and palm, and feet are massaged. It is most effective in treating migraine, chronic cold, chest congestion, and sinusitis.

Through spine panchakarma, the treating Ayurvedic doctor will ensure proper detoxification of the patient's body. The belief that the gastrointestinal tract is under extreme stress and pressure, leading to diseases and imbalance in the doshas. Hence, it is necessary to remove the gathered toxins from the body and restore the patient's health by curing spine disorders.


Advantages of Spine Panchakarma at Dr Mande’s Ayurvedic Centre

  • Best Ayurvedic Clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai
  • One of its kind clinic in Vashi specializing in Spine Panchakarma
  • Dr. Mande and his wife are experts in handling spine disorders cases
  • Both the doctors come with nearly 18 years of cumulative experience
  • They offer Ayurvedic treatment, spine panchakarma, chiropractic treatment, spine mobilization and other therapies too.
  • They offer comprehensive treatment for the best recovery of the patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no adverse side effects of panchakarma. But it is very important to choose a well-experienced and expert ayurvedic doctor and well-qualified therapists for the best results.

Panchakarma involves various therapies such as Kati vasti, Vamana, virechana, nasyam, abhyanga, etc. Trained therapists do these therapies under medical supervision for the best results.

Dr. Mande prescribes ayurvedic medicines and spine panchakarma to his patients suffering from spine disorders. He has added experience in treating them through physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, marma therapy, etc.

Spine panchakarma can cure spine disorders such as low back pain, spinal degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, spondylitis, scoliosis, to name a few. This treatment has been very successful, and most patients have recovered well and resumed active life.

Spine panchakarma is very effective and can resolve most spine disorders. The patient should be guided and treated by a very experienced and well qualified Ayurvedic doctor who has successfully treated spine conditions.