Panchakarma Therapy

Are you feeling tired and unwell for quite some time? Do you fall sick whenever the seasons change? Well, it is time to undergo body detoxification through Panchakarma treatment and feel refreshed and rejuvenated again


Dr. Kalpesh Mande is an Ayurvedic doctor in Vashi who offers Panchakarma therapy at his clinic in Vashi. 


What is Panchakarma Therapy?

Panchakarma Therapy is a branch of Ayurveda. It is comprehensive detoxifying therapy through five well-defined cleansing processes. These processes are done by trained therapists under the doctor’s supervision. The entire process of Panchakarma can take 7 – 14 days to complete. 


Panchakarma – Process and Procedure

There are five processes in Panchakarma which cleanse the body thoroughly from inside. These processes bring about eliminate the toxins in the body and improve the immunity of the patient. These five processes are 

  • Basti – Ayurvedic medicines along will oil, or milk are given through enema. People suffering from constipation, arthritis, and piles are advised to undergo Basti treatment.
  • Nasya – Nasya is recommended to patients suffering from disorders in the head area. Nasya involves nasal drops given through the nostrils to reduce pain and discomfort associated with the head.
  • Raktamokshan – As the name suggests, this process is done to clean the blood. Doctors recommend raktamokshan to patients suffering from dermatitis, pigmentation, and even psoriasis.
  • Vamana - Vamana involves intake of Ayurvedic medicines and decoctions that induce vomiting to eliminate toxins present in the body.
  • Virechana – In this process, the patient is given Ayurvedic medicines to clean their bowels through natural purgation. Once the digestive system is thoroughly cleaned, the body recovers immunity as well as health.


Why Panchakarma?

Today, living has become very stressful. People take a lot of pressure, stress, and even work long hours, which increases work and tear of the body and its systems. Over a period, the body sends signals for rest, rejuvenation, and recovery. These signals could be a lifestyle disorder, disease, infection, or discomfort within the body. Hence, it is important to recognize these signals and undergo panchakarma therapy to relieve the stress and toxins in the body and allow it to rejuvenate once again. 


Why should one opt for this treatment?

The survival of the fittest strategy brings in many factors that combine to improve and deteriorate the condition of the human body. Continuous labor, wear and tear of the body tissues, negligence of the functioning parts, improper eating habits, all merged, hampers the body's normal functioning.


Advantages of Panchakarma Therapy


Detoxification and rejuvenation of the body and the mind is the main advantage of a panchakarma therapy. It removes the accumulated toxins in the body and stimulates the digestive fire to work better. It also revamps the natural healing abilities present in the body for healthy and normal functioning. 


Panchakarma balances the three doshas viz Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha in the body. When these three doshas are at an equilibrium, the patient's immunity increases and stays active and healthy. 


Image credit: sheayurveda


Panchakarma Therapy induces good sleep and eating habits. The patient is encouraged to eat healthy and nutritious meals at proper times. Simultaneously, the patient will be advised to relax and sleep better, ensuring a healthy mind and body. 


Panchakarma Therapy enables the patient to take a break from professional work for effective results. The patient needs to remain calm and composed. The patient is encouraged to meditate, rest, relax and sleep adequately. This break from work allows the mind to de-stress and think afresh.


Panchakarma therapy is one step towards weight loss as it focuses on eliminating the piled-up toxins and dead cells in the body and feel more active and refreshed. 


Why choose Dr. Mande's Ayurveda & Physiotherapy Clinic?

  • Dr. Mande is a well experienced Ayurvedic doctor with ten years of experience
  • Expertise in Spine Panchakarma
  • Well qualified and experienced therapists
  • Medical supervision of the Panchakarma treatment
  • Easily accessible and centrally located in Vashi
  • Well defined clinic with a clean and hygienic space for Panchakarma therapy


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, he will supervise the Panchakarma therapy sessions. Qualified and experienced therapists do all Panchakarma sessions at Dr. Mande’s clinic. 

Dr. Mande will first examine the patient physically, including a pulse examination. He will then suggest Ayurvedic medicines, diet, and lifestyle changes followed by a Panchakarma therapy for better results.

Panchakarma therapy treats joint disorders, skin disorders, gynecological issues, mental issues, respiratory disorders, spine, and other musculoskeletal disorders, along with de-addiction from tobacco and alcohol.

People in the age group of 18 years onwards till the age of 65-70 years can undergo Panchakarma provided they are relatively good in health.

Dr. Mande will recommend Panchakarma to patients who wish to cure themselves of chronic diseases and undergo detoxification of the body.