Ayurvedic doctor in Vashi, Navi Mumbai


Dr. Kalpesh Mande


Fellowship in National Integrated Medical Association


Dr. Kalpesh Mande is an accomplished ayurvedic doctor in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. He specializes in treating spine disorders through Ayurveda and spine panchakarma for more than 10 years. 


Along with his medical degrees, Dr. Kalpesh has gained expertise and experience in various treatment modalities such as Chiropractic therapy, Structural Integration – USA, spine manipulation mobilization, European Osteopathy Technique, Kochi method of Structural integration (Japan) and Marma therapy. 


He offers customized treatments which could be a combination of ayurvedic medicine and any of the abovementioned therapy in order to relieve the patient from their disorders. He personally attends to each and every patient and supervises over their spine panchakarma treatment. 


Education – 

2008 – B.A.M.S from Bharti Vidyapeeth Ayurved College, Pune.

2014 – M.D. Ayurveda from D.Y.Patil Ayurvedic College, Navi Mumbai.


Dr. Kalpesh Mande is available in Pune for consultation every Tuesday.




Spine Panchakarma

Spine Panchakarma is a specially formulated detoxification process based on Ayurveda. The focus is to balance the three doshas in the human body which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha to heal spine disorders and issues. These processes are done by trained therapists under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor in Vashi.


Panchakarma Therapy

Panchakarma Therapy is a branch of Ayurveda. It is comprehensive detoxifying therapy through five well-defined cleansing processes. These processes are done by trained therapists under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor in Vashi.



  • Ayurved Today, 2011
  • Global Ayurved, 2009



Ayurveda Consultant

Dr Mandes Ayurveda Panchakarma & Physiotherapy Clinic

2010 - 2021


Senior Consultant

Dr. Mande's Ayurvedic & Panchkarma Clinic

2009 - 2021



Dr. Mande's Ayurveda & Physiotherapy Clinic

2009 - 2021


Principals of Ayurveda

The word Ayurveda is made up of two words viz. Ayur – life and Veda – science, so Ayurveda means the science of life. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medical system in the world whose principles promote healthy living and lifestyles. 


Panchmahabhutas or the five great elements 


Our universe is made up of five great elements viz. 

  • Akash – Space or void
  • Prithvi – Earth or solid
  • Vayu – Air
  • Teja – Fire or Energy
  • Apa or Jal – Water or liquid


Be it nature or a living being, these five great elements are present everywhere, in every individual and also within our world. 


Gunas – Prime qualities of nature. These gunas or prime qualities are very subtle and they influence the five elements as well. The three gunas are –

  • Sattva represents light, virtue, happiness, clarity and intelligence
  • Rajas represent activity, distraction, movement and disturbance
  • Tamas represents decay, inertia, dullness and rest


Gunas affect our nature, habits, behaviour and thought patterns too. 


Doshas – There are three doshas viz. 

  • Vata – Space and air
  • Kapha – Liquid and solid
  • Pitta – Energy and Liquid


These three doshas combine in different patterns within every living being and every natural element. With regards to the human body.


Vata is movement i.e. walking, breathing, sleeping, heart beats, pulse rate, etc all refer to vata. Unbalance vata leads to anxious or a fearful state of the mind. 


Pitta is made up of fire and water and it regulates the metabolism of the body. This includes vital digestive processes such as digestion, assimilation, absorption, and so on. Unbalanced pitta leads to rising of negative emotions such as hatred, anger, jealousy and so on. 


Kapha is made up of earth and water and it is revealed in muscles, tendons, bones and other body parts. Its main function is to keep the body together and lubricate the joints, keep the skin smooth and supple, and maintain good health of the body. Imbalance in kapha is revealed through emotions and actions that are full of greed, jealousy and over-attachment. 

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