Panchakarma Benefits for skin

Panchakarma Therapy is a branch of Ayurveda. It is comprehensive detoxifying therapy through five well-defined cleansing processes. These processes are done by trained therapists under the doctor’s supervision. The entire process of Panchakarma can take 7 – 14 days to complete.

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Panchakarma therapy is an effective Ayurvedic technique that helps in detoxifying the mind and body. It balances the 3 doshas in the human body: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. This in turn leads to better immunity and health. Panchakarma therapy also helps reduce stress and is also beneficial for weight loss. It also helps improve one's digestive system.


Did you know that Panchakarma therapy is also beneficial for the skin?


Yes, Panchakarma therapy leads to healthier skin. It cleans and detoxifies the skin. Keep reading this article to know more about how Panchakarma therapy benefits the skin.


You can get effective Panchakarma therapy from the best Ayurvedic doctor in Navi Mumbai. The best ayurvedic doctor in Navi Mumbai also provides other ayurvedic treatments such as Marma therapy, acupuncture therapy, etc.


How does Panchakarma therapy benefit the skin?

Panchakarma therapy helps treat some of the fatal skin problems such as follows-

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• Eczema: Eczema is a skin response disorder that can be either acute or persistent. It causes itching, swelling, reddening, as well as dryness and flaking on the skin. The ears, eyebrows, armpits, and central face are usually affected. It is believed to be caused when the body's immune is compromised, causing toxins to build in the body. Panchakarma soothes and tones the skin while also removing toxins, which helps to lessen the effects of Eczema. It focuses on skin cleansing and detoxification. Are you suffering from Eczema? Then try Panchakarma therapy at the best Ayurvedic clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.


Psoriasis: Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition that can be caused by a variety of factors. It is characterized by enhanced epidermal proliferation, which is caused by increased cell division throughout the skin's basal layers. When treating psoriasis, panchakarma focuses on purifying the blood and tissues. Various herbs are utilized to ensure that the tissues and skin are strengthened. Because psoriasis is a chronic illness, the user should continue skin renewal following therapy.


Acne: Acne is caused by an overabundance of oil in the skin blocking the hair follicles. This is fairly common among teenagers and young adults, and it can leave permanent scars. As a result, treatment is required, especially if the illness is chronic. To cure Acne Vulgaris, Panchakarma employs a multi-pronged strategy. It begins with a well-balanced diet and improved digestion, then moves on to blood and skin detoxification, and lastly, measures are made to guarantee that the liver and digestive system are cleansed to ensure that the problem does not recur.


Vitiligo: Vitiligo is a pigmentation condition affecting the hands, wrists, neck, and back. According to research, it is produced by a body's auto-immunological process, which is a situation in which the immune system attacks the body itself. Vitiligo is thought to be caused by numerous imbalances in the body, which affect the immune system, according to Panchakarma. As a result, four-pronged treatments are used to treat Vitiligo.


Benefits of Panchakarma


Other skin benefits of Panchakarma include the following:



  • Fat reduction of skin: To eliminate cellulite and obesity, a penetrating herbal paste is utilized to remove lymphatic toxins from the body. After that, the body is heated in a herbal bath to remove any mental, emotional, or physical tension deep inside the skin's tissues.


  • Management of pain: Many skin conditions, as well as muscle disorders, can result in long-term acute or chronic discomfort. It becomes more common as you become older. Panchakarma also provides pain management services for this reason.


Panchakarma also leads to glowing skin. 


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