Can Ayurveda treat neck pain?

Ayurvedic treatment for Neck pain, is based on the cause of the neck pain and often it is because of muscular spasm caused by Strain due to posture of due to stress.

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Pain in your neck, arm, and shoulder is a widespread problem. Each of us has suffered pain in our neck at any point in our life. Generally, we use some ointments or oral medications to get rid of this issue. Pain in your neck, arm, and shoulder is a complication that grows over the years if not treated beforehand. A few components like the unhealthy way of life, wrong posture, unnecessary use of gadgets which requires sitting for the long term, and lack of physical activities.


It has been seen that people who live in Mumbai are always running after their busy schedule of daily life. As a result, proper resting and regular exercises become the least important because they do not get that much time. So, pain in the neck, shoulder, and arms is very common to them.


If you search for a long-term cure for your pain related to the neck, arms, and shoulder, Ayurveda can help you a lot. The best ayurvedic doctor in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, will provide you with the best remedy for your pain related to your neck.


Now, let us discuss the most common reasons for neck pain:


The most well-known reasons for neck pain are:

  • Muscle tightness, sprain, or strain
  • Intervertebral circle prolapses or plate herniation
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis


Other than these, few more things can lead you to neck pain: 

  • Tumors of head and neck
  • Rheumatoid Joint inflammation
  • Intrinsic Cervical Rib


There are specific rare causes also:    

  • Intrinsic spinal trench stenosis
  • Spina bifida (an irregular advancement of the spine)
  • Tumor in the spine
  • Tuberculosis (of the spine)
  • Injury (mishap related)
  • Carotid Corridor Analyzation
  • Pain from Intense Coronary


How can Ayurveda benefit you in your neck pain?

If you are experiencing neck pain from any recent cause, then the conservative ways of ayurvedic treatment will give you proper care. It may include adequate resting, application of pain killer medicines, etc. Whereas you are suffering from long-term pain, it will take some time to heal by the ayurvedic treatment. If the pain in the neck is frequently caused because of Plate prolapse and joint inflammation of the cervical spine and it additionally prompts different complexities like Cervical Radiculopathy and so forth


Ordinary (Allopathic) Treatment for neck issues:

Standard treatment of neck torment is pointed toward ending the symptoms by providing pain killer medicines or physiotherapy and traction. If these measures do not work correctly, patients are encouraged to go through intrusive techniques like epidural infusions or medical procedures to deliver the tension on the nerves that get squeezed to alleviate or maintain a strategic distance from additional complexities. Anyway, these strategies are confounded and don't give extended haul benefits.


Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain:

Ayurvedic treatment for Neck torment depends on the reason for the neck torment, and regularly it results from a strong fit brought about by strain because of stance due to stress. This reacts effectively to ayurvedic medications and, in severe cases, massage to different body parts. Ayurveda offers an entirely unmistakable option compared to a medical procedure and other intrusive methodology like epidural infusions.


All the remedies, whether it is oral medications or topical solutions, are developed from natural ingredients. In most cases, the remedies are made by using herbal products like plant extracts. As a result, they all are harmless to your body.


In many cases, we have seen that the treatment we provide fixes few other complications too. Again, our treatment enriches your overall health and makes your immunity system stronger than previous. It may take time in some instances, but the result it gives will be a long-term one.


So, if you are experiencing any issue regarding your neck pain, visit our ayurvedic doctor in Vashi.

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